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Our mission is to give customer service, sales, & marketing teams the building blocks to create engaging and relevant self-service experiences and make them available anywhere customers, partners and teams need help.

90% of customers prefer self-service

No matter how amazing your products are, customers will always have questions about how to use them. Consumers have an overwhelming preference to take care of the problem themselves before reaching out to a live support agent across all industries.

"ServiceTarget helped us make all our product knowledge and technical content like user manuals, community discussions, knowledge base articles and documentation easily accessible by our customers, partners and team members."
VP Customer Service
"This UI Kit really helped me make an amazing website, thank you so much Veza Digital! I'll definitely be buying the premium UI Kits you release in the future!"
Martha Stewart

Helping companies boost their customer self-service

When customers have questions, whether that’s researching a product before deciding to purchase, using it for the first time, troubleshooting an issue or exploring new features, the number one destination to find answers is in your product content.

We make it easy to create and deploy customer self-service applications spanning multiple brands, audiences, hundreds or thousands of products, content sources, in multiple regions and languages that deliver the right content at the right time.

servicetarget is helping companies boost their self service

Our story

A little bit about how things got started at ServiceTarget and where we‚Äôve come over the years. This is really just the beginning, though ‚Äď there‚Äôs so much more to come.

We created ServiceTarget because we are passionate about self-service. We believe self-service is an under-appreciated but mission-critical way for companies to engage their customers in a way that both meets a customer's immediate need and makes that customer more self-sufficient and successful with the products they use.

If you speak to most people and ask them what they think about IVRs, customer portals, and help sites, you will get an earful of horror stories. We think this represents a huge missed opportunity to resolve customer-specific questions and issues and create companies which are more responsive to the customer more generally in the process.

There was, and continues to be, a true passion for helping businesses answer customer questions and resolve their issues with scalable, user-friendly, personalized solutions and create companies which are more responsive to the customer more generally in the process. In turn, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in notable customers choosing ServiceTarget.

We believe a stronger focus on convenience, utility, and usability of self-service applications for the customer, coupled with ease of use, analytics, and integration for companies, will result in a better experience for the customer while increasing revenue and reducing costs for companies.

Our people

ServiceTarget, a digital experience platform created for any business professionals to easily create flows in seconds without any coding experience, and manage content and data with a fully-integrated content management system.

We are shaped by incredible people.

Where to find us

You’re welcome to reach out to us for any reason at all. If you're in need of some tech help or guidance, our Client Success team is always ready to lend you a hand, too.

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