Our Story

We created ServiceTarget because we are passionate about self-service. We believe self-service is an under-appreciated but mission-critical way for companies to engage their customers in a way that both meets a customer's immediate need and makes that customer more self-sufficient and successful with the products they use.

If you speak to most people and ask them what they think about IVRs, customer portals, and help sites, you will get an earful of horror stories. We think this represents a huge missed opportunity to resolve customer-specific questions and issues and create companies which are more responsive to the customer more generally in the process.  

We believe a stronger focus on convenience, utility, and usability of self-service applications for the customer, coupled with ease of use, analytics, and integration for companies, will result in a better experience for the customer while increasing revenue and reducing costs for companies.


ServiceTarget is lead by a team with deep experience and passion for helping companies drive self-service results.

David Hayden
David, CEO
I am passionate about software and enjoy building products that empower business people to create and manage enterprise applications. I have a track record working with engineering and product management to define new products and working with customers, sales, marketing and client success teams to make them successful.
Adam Dockter
Adam, CTO
I grew up in Montana and am still lucky enough to call it home. I have 15 years experience as a software architect designing business applications.  It is a passion of mine to solve complex business needs by creating efficient and easy-to-use software.
Victoria Hayden
Victoria, VP Operations
I love working with customers to identify business challenges, define business outcomes and key performance metrics, help implement technology solutions, and provide ongoing support through training, day-to-day client success operations, and monthly and quarterly business reviews.