Curate winning knowledge base content

Explore how to create a winning self-service knowledge base content strategy, including how to write more effective content to help customers through simple and complex processes. Learn about optimizing for SEO and receive tips for how you can effectively link self-service into your commerce experience, web apps, mobile experiences, contact center, and backend services without a lot of effort.

Developing A Unique Tone Of Voice In Your Content

Believe it or not, voice and tone are carefully laced into every successful business strategy. Their tactics are used across self-service experiences and knowledge base content, and when done correctly, we, as consumers, don’t notice the game plan, just the successful result.

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How To Create Self-Service Content Style Guide

A style guide may not be the most riveting piece of content your company creates, but it just might be the most important. It is something everyone in the future of your company will use when creating self-service knowledge base content.

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8 Steps To Creating Effective Content For Your Self-Service Knowledge Base

We live in an age of independence. Everything from self-improvement to self-checkout is putting the “self” first, empowering individuals to deviate from relying on others. Because of this, modern consumers desire the proper self-service tools and knowledge base content to help themselves.

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Boosting Your SEO Content With Social Media

Every company’s dream is to have their knowledge base content flooding with traffic and their name at the center of attention. When you create effective self-service content for your company’s site, you want it to reach that vast audience, serving as much of your community as possible.

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Quick Tips On Grammar, Punctuation, And Formatting

Rules we learned about commas and dashes are not very useful if you forget to use them. So we put together these helpful tips on how to maintain grammatical and structural consistency in your self-service knowledge base content.

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