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Customer Success Story

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A global leader in home automation and security scales its growth across a variety of distinct brands with ServiceTarget self-service solutions.

Our Customer, a global leader in home automation, wireless home security, and consumer electronics, has more than 4 million systems deployed and 20 million connected wireless devices deployed. It owns and maintains 16 unique brands that operate worldwide. 

In the past 50 years, The Company has continued to constantly push the boundaries of technology to deliver innovation, reliability, easy-to-use solutions, manufacturing excellence, and a safer, smarter, and more connected world.

The Company provides commercial, residential, and personal systems to service providers, dealer partners, as well as end-customers.

The Challenge

The Company has successfully maintained persistent growth for half of a century now, from the world's first ever wireless garage door opener to modern touch screen controls. 

From this success, today, they operate 16 individual brands along with their parent brand. These brands offer thousands of products that are often bought together across different brands. They serve a variety of audiences—from the dealers who resell products, the installers who wire and set up devices and troubleshoot any compatibility issues, the technical support teams who internally sell and support products, to the actual consumers who use the products and interact with all of their sites and applications. 

That’s where the challenge arrives. Trying to support a large variety of brands and audiences is difficult. Especially when each of those brands have lots of content for each product, like manuals, getting started guides, installation helps, pdfs, etc. Before ServiceTarget, all of this content was difficult to access and not effectively searchable. 

The Solution

The Company needed a more scalable way to make self-service available across their variety of brands and audiences in order to successfully present all of the products they offer. That’s where ServiceTarget came in.

Our vision for the Customer was to create integrated self-service throughout everything they offer, unifying all of their products, services, and content. ServiceTarget wanted to create a self-service platform for each brand, plus a destination on the parent site. This would allow each brand to maintain it’s unique distinctions, while still unifying them together in one centralized location with convenient self-help features. 

To cater to unique audiences, our plan was to offer public content for consumers and additional content based on user persona through their portal. ServiceTarget would bring all of their pdfs, start and installation guides, manuals, or any other content into an integrated search function to make all of these valuable resources more findable and accessible. 

The Results

To address these problems, ServiceTarget’s team worked with The Company on the site setup, multi-site branding, multi-audience reach, and content import and integrations.

Today, the Company’s consumers are able to receive personalized and tailored help based on who they are and what kind of product they seek. Depending on the audience, they are instantly directed to the most relevant content and resources. All of the company’s brands, products, services, and materials have been integrated into one unified system making navigation and search easier on their users, streamlining the customer experience.

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