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This customer success story is about supporting healthy growth at scale using customer success software

EdTech company reduces contacts by 19% while growing at 10% YOY with ServiceTarget

The Company is a SaaS company that combines its experience, relationships, and unique services, allowing schools of all sizes to concentrate on the growth and successes of their students.

Today, the Company has around 200 employees, and steadily growing, including 45 customer service representatives. It works with over 2000 schools across the U.S.

The Challenge

Before working with ServiceTarget, the Company had an average of incoming phone calls, during the busy season, at 1700-1900 a day, and during not peak season around 800 a day.

These calls mostly came from parents sharing the fear and lack of clarity on the overall application process and seeking help with the application, tuition, and financial aid forms.

Without having a strong knowledge about the process, parents and students reverted to calling the Company for help.

The Company has received 165K contacts in 12 months before implementing the self-service program. At the time, the Company had 45 agents and was growing fast. In fact, the Company has moved 3 times to accommodate the growing customer support staff.

With strong business  growth at 10%  YOY, the projected volume of contacts was 180K, which was way too much for  already burned out team to handle.

The Solution

The company had to find a solution to its fast-growing concern.

Our goal was to rapidly build knowledge and expertise among parents and students on how the application process works as well as guide them through each step of the process with relevant information.

However, the Company needed more than just a support site to help them with their ever-growing customer base. The Company needed a trusted partner who could help them with the design and implementation of the program.

Our vision for the Company  was to provide convenient, relevant help with focus on the transactions that matter and were integral to the  application steps that parents go through when using Company’s application.

The Results

Following the implementation of  ServiceTarget, the Company has achieved great results across the board.

While continuing to grow at 10% YOY, the Company was able to reduce the contacts from parents and students by 19% for the 12 month period. This translated in $600K in ROI from the program in its first year.

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