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Customer Success Story

This customer success story is about supporting members and employees using customer success software

Credit Union establishes single knowledge foundation to support members and employees with ServiceTarget

One of the nation’s Top 100 credit unions, serving over 250,000 members in the United States and Puerto Rico.

It was established with the goal to empower members to find financial freedom.

With a focus on providing convenience and personal attention for every member, CU offers a complete range of banking services for individuals and businesses including local branched, online and mobile banking,  Interactive Teller Machines, ATM, remote deposit for consumers and businesses, and a full line of checking accounts; savings accounts; credit cards & loans, mortgage services; insurance services; lending options; and wealth management services.

The Challenge

With a call volume exceeding the department’s capacity, CU was searching for a solution to gain increased efficiency and employee focus by reducing backlog without adding additional headcount. Investing in additional full-time resources is both costly and time-consuming, including the cost of recruitment, salary, benefits, and bank training.

CU  also hoped to refocus employee efforts toward key initiatives and revenue-driving activities. The bank’s call center representatives spent the majority of their time answering basic and routine informational questions from clients, causing a backlog of account maintenance functions. Over time, the backlog made it challenging for the employees to focus their time and efforts on tasks and activities that supported the CU’s  strategic efforts.

“With Call Center volume of 65K contacts a month and growing, the call center was working very hard and feeling stressed – while spending the majority of their time answering routine questions with less time to focus on deepening client relationships,” said VP, Digital Services.

CU needed a new approach for easier and faster way for members and employees to answer recurring preventable questions and ServiceTarget had just the right solution. ServiceTarget  provides a customer self-service experience by integrating mobile, web and banking channels.

The Solution

CU implemented member support center on its website and within banking portal & mobile banking.

This solution allowed CU to alleviate many general “how-to” and technology-related questions around direct deposit, banking transactions, money transfer, lending options and member information.

With the help of ServiceTarget, CU’s members now find answers to 95% of their questions both during and outside normal banking hours while significantly reducing FAQs that often create backlog of inquiries in banks and credit unions’ call centers.

Additionally, with Top Content Widgets, ServiceTarget’s Member Support Center solution increases product engagement and calls to action to positively influence revenue and loan growth without impacting headcount.

“To empower members to find financial freedom, member experience has to be a top priority. When customers can get questions answered quickly even when the bank is not open, we’ve succeeded”, said VP, Digital Services.

The Results

Post implementation, overall daily call volume decreased by more than 20%. Contact backlog dropped more than 66 percent. The solution provided significant customer experience improvements, including the ability to answer customer questions outside of normal banking hours . For employees, technology related questions decreased by 64 percent, allowing time for employees to deepen relationships with existing clients, proactive calls to new accounts, and the ability to focus on strategic, revenue-driving initiatives.

  • CU’s self-service volume increased 290%
  • Their consumer self-service rate now averages 98%
  • Reduced overall call center volume by 15%
  • Reduced abandoned calls by 37%
  • Reduced re-routed calls by 92%

Converted their online banking with no increase in call volume.  CU now has 24/7 self-service and has more targeted product and loan promotion.

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