Unified self-service experience platform

ServiceTarget makes it easy to design and deploy self-service applications which empower staff and student communities to learn and resolve 80% of their issues online. Now, you can offer educational content about what you provide along with quick and convenient online transactions that build a better experience for them and reduces support costs for you.
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Save your users and agents' time with ServiceTarget
Guide staff and student communities through any process, improve user satisfaction, lower support costs, and improve agent productivity with self-service
Transform user experience
Empower your staff and student communities to answer their product, support, and technology questions via self-service. Engage with personalized, unified, convenient, and consistent experiences whether they are in your help center, knowledge base, or exploring across sites via virtual agent.

  • Enable success with the different services you support or products you offer

  • Drive higher adoption of your online applications

  • Improve user satisfaction and loyalty

  • Reduce user aquisition, retention, and support costs
Empower your employees
Provide your employees with accurate, reliable, and current information.

  • Search various internal and external content sources and provide consistent information across your organization

  • Reduce time to resolution

  • Connect remote employees and increase productivity

  • Ease new employee onboarding and reduce training time

Get started quickly

Launch quickly with solutions designed to work for you from day one. Get access to pre-configured high-performing content and all the apps that you need to empower your users and employees with self-service. Deploy to your help center, knowledge base, or virtual agent platform in minutes with just a few lines of JavaScript. Then evolve self-service with no-code administration tools based on real-time feedback and insights.
Self-help your staff and student communities will love to use

Help Center is foundational to successful customer self-service. Leverage the power of ServiceTarget platform with:

  • AI-Powered Search
  • Guided visual navigation
  • Turn-key guide content created to resolve top questions and pain areas
  • Step-by-step guidance & interactive content
  • Relevant answers to all customer questions
  • Easy transition to best options for assisted service
Provide relevant answers everywhere your staff and student communities have questions
Provide your users with relevant, contextual, and easy-to-access answers everywhere they have questions including your help center, knowledge base, or virtual agent platform.

Provide instant answers in conversational format

Guide your staff and student communities through simple and complex questions like applications, admissions, enrollment, financial aid, course signup, tuition payment, tech support, and more using conversational self-service experiences that leverages user's context.

Return answers from the knoweldgebase, guide them step-by-step through processes, and provide relevant contact options based on their needs.
Offer effective and convenient contact channels that enable success.
With intelligent escalations, you can help staff and student communities reach the best contact channel for their unique need.
  • Offer help 24/7.
  • Prevent unnecessary escalations by providing relevant resources first.
  • Route to the appropriate contact channels based on need, agent availability, and problem area.
  • Learn what is leading to the most escalations and improve.

Knowledge your team can trust

Bring all your content together into a single experience that is easy to search and navigate. Eliminate the need to search multiple locations for content and ensure that all employees are accessing most current, useful, and consistent information. Make this information available across all of the applications employees use day-to-day. Reduce the risk of support agents sharing inaccurate or out-of-date information with customers.

Building self-service apps has never been easier

Build new applications without code

Building a customer self-service applications with ServiceTarget doesn’t require code or developers. Your subject matter experts, who know your products, services, and customers best, can create experiences with speed and ease using our extensive flow library and reusable components.

Sync content from external sources

Eliminate the need to search multiple locations to find the best answer. Ensure that all staff and student communities are accessing useful and accurate information based on who the user is, account information, employee or student ID, and what they need. Connect all content sources in a few clicks and make them instantly organized and searchable.

Self-service enables existing systems

It’s easy to seamlessly integrate self-service apps with your existing back-end systems including CRM or chat platforms. You can guide staff and student communities through any inquiry or transaction and if they need additional help, they can move from self-service to live agent without friction.