Reduce support costs, improve customer experience, and drive business results.


Empower your customers to answer their questions and resolve issues any time, anywhere via self-service

connect content sources

Connect all content sources & make them searchable and discoverable

  • Sync content from different sources including knowledgebase, customer communities, product documentation, and PDF manuals into a unified search and navigation experience.

  • Instantly organize content across all your brands, products, processes, audiences, regions and languages.

  • Create as many filtering dimensions as your business needs and handle product and process hierarchies with ease.

Make self-service available everywhere customers need help

  • Easily build unique self-service applications and deploy in minutes to your website, within the web and mobile apps, partner sites, and in your agent desktop.

  • Present the most relevant answers based on who your customers are, what products they own, or where they are located.

  • Guide customers through any process including product selection, onboarding, installation, setup and use, and troubleshooting.
build customer journeys
design flows

Improve agent efficiency with the right data and automations

  • When customers need to contact you, dynamically present best escalation options based on customer type, products owned, problem area, time of day, and agent availability.

  • Capture all required data and create a case in Baseline, answer questions via messaging or chat, or automate processes in another system.

  • Build Baseline-connected web forms that work with standard and custom objects.

  • Our user-friendly form builder allows you to choose the level of customization that suits your needs to quickly create contact forms, registration forms, warranty forms, survey forms, service request forms, and much more.

How It Works

Drive Self-Service

Boost Agent

Reduce Support

Increase Customer

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