ServiceTarget provides technical support to customers who encounter technical issues using our Service. This document details our service level objectives response times, resolution times and hours of operation. Our service level objectives and definitions are outlined below.



ServiceTarget will determine the Severity Level assigned to each support issue based on the nature of the issue and it's business impact. We use the following guidelines in determining Severity Level:

Severity Level 1 - Site Down: Customer experiences complete loss of Service or application performance has been so severely impacted that work cannot reasonably continue. Examples of Severity Level 1 include:

  • The End User cannot access the Service
  • A majority of Authorized Users are unable to access the Admin Console
  • Access to core functionality within the Admin Console is so impaired that the Service cannot be administered

Severity Level 2 - Major Functionality Impairment: Customer experiences a severe defect or configuration issue with the Service that materially impacts Customer’s business in a large, negative way (excluding Service failures that qualify as Severity Level 1). Examples of Severity Level 2 include:

  • A minority of End Users can not access the Self-Service Application
  • A minority of Authorized Users are unable to access the Admin Console
  • No acceptable workaround exists for Admins to complete their work

Severity Level 3 - Some Business Impact: Customer experiences transactional and operational slowness in the Service or minor loss of operational functionality (excluding Service issues that qualify as Severity Level 1 or 2).

  • A minority of Authorized Users or End Users are experiencing periodic errors, but use of application can continue while ignoring those errors
  • Application Data takes longer than usual to load

Severity Level 4 - Routine Requests: Service support requests related to the questions or issues with no impact on daily operation of the solution and the issues do not qualify as Severity Level 1, 2, or 3. Examples of Severity Level 4 are:

  • A single, non-reproducible application crash
  • Reproducible application bug that does not impair use and delivery of the Service
  • Functionality requests and “How to” questions


Service issues resulting from any of the following will be excluded from our Service Level Objectives:

  • Regularly scheduled maintenance of the Service that does not exceed 6 hrs per 3-month period and is communicated by ServiceTarget at least 24 hours in advance via ServiceTarget’s normal support channels;
  • Any issues with a third party service to which Customer subscribes (e.g.;
  • Any problems not caused by ServiceTarget that result from (a) computing or networking hardware, (b) other equipment or software under Customer’s control, (c) the Internet, or (d) other issues with electronic communications;
  • ServiceTarget’s suspension or termination of the Service in accordance with the Terms of Service and/or its associated Order Form;
  • Software that has been subject to unauthorized modification by Customer;
  • Negligent or intentional misuse of the Service by Customer;