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Help your customers get more out of your products and services by bringing convenience to their lives with highly relevant and personalized self-service.

ServiceTarget gives you complete control over your business’s customer self-service experience. All the power of code in a completely visual interface makes creating and evolving customer self-help a breeze. ServiceTarget integrates seamlessly with the content sources and CRM tools you need to keep customer service and support running smoothly. We offer a more guided approach to sales and service by bringing it online, where people prefer it. 


Create your customized self-help experiences to best serve your company.

No Code Design

Design completely custom and dynamic self-service flows without ever touching a line of code or using templates. With drag and drop interface and reusable components, building flows is easy and fun.

Flexible Integrations

Whether you want to pull data in or push it out, ServiceTarget offers flexible integrations with the tools you already use.

Relevant & Personalized

Personalize your experiences by leveraging a layer of contextual information like customer segment, region and language, products owned, or anything else.

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design custom journeys


Make it available everywhere with only a few lines of javascript.

Deploy in 10 minutes

Javascript script deployment takes only 10 minutes. Once deployed, all aspects of the self-service experience can be created and evolved with the easy-to-use, no-code, administration console.

Embed anywhere

One platform, many ways to help. Embed your self-help experiences natively on your website, in your mobile or web application, in the online store, or syndicate it to partner sites.

Fast, reliable and scalable

99.9% Uptime, no updates or packages to install.

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available everywhere


Learn how you can improve and optimize based on real results.

Improve self-service ROI

Understand high-level performance rates across all self-service flows, measure the effectiveness of your content, and observe self-service trends in real-time.

Reduce customer contacts

Discover when, where, and why your customers contact you in order to improve their experience, fill any gaps, and best prevent contacts from happening.

Leverage self-learning

With self-learning, capture data from all interactions and apply resulting insights to personalized experiences across all of your self-service material.

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measure results

Collaborate & Evolve

Bring your teams together to scale with your company’s growth.

Structured content

Start making sense of your self-service with structure. Create an organizational structure that supports your business reality and complex needs.

Powerful rich text editor

Create the content structures you want to author and update everything with the rich text editor that will build experiences to match the expectations of modern content creators.

Published workflows

Fill your content with engaging media and interactive guides and organize how it looks and who creates it through your own custom content style guide and published workflows.

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collaborate evolve optimize

Scale your business with self-service

Speak to an expert and see for yourself what effective self-service can be like when you’re using the right tools.

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