Implement scalable self-service programs

Learn about strategies for creating and managing self-service programs at scale, including developing an iron-clad business case, defining concrete success criteria, and keeping customers, subject matter experts, and different departments and executives aligned. Go beyond page views and keywords so that you can work on key problem areas, reduce self-service abandonment and preventable escalations, and drive online resolution rates.

How To Drive Adoption Of Self-Service

The best way to ensure self-service will work is if your customers are aware of it, and aware of the ease it will provide them with. This article explores the different ways you can create awareness for your self-service, allowing it to be successful for your company and customer.

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Shaping Customer Preferences

Changing people’s behavior is hard. Once customers become accustomed to emailing or calling, chances are, next time they have another question, they will just do the same. Resistance to change is natural. So, how do you proactively drive the change to self-service?

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Social Media Customer Service To Inspire

Social media has been on the rise for nearly two decades now, only becoming more prominent every single day. Whether it’s for personal use or business use, billions of people around the world turn to it daily to find support and self-service experiences—and that’s where we come in.

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14 Reasons Companies Should Invest In Customer Self-Service

Self-service is the best way to educate, engage, serve, and transact with your customers to create growth and profitability. It brings together knowledge, services, and data to create seamless experiences. It is a movement from waiting for customers to call, to putting customers first.

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Ensuring A Successful Self-Service Program

A lot goes into ensuring that your self-service is not only doing its job but fully flourishing. Self-service is not something you can just purchase or download once and expect immediate returns. It is a gradual process of growth that scales with the progression of your company.

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Weaving Globalization & Localization Into Your Self-Service Strategy

What if you could maintain your company’s distinct identity and customer satisfaction across the globe, expanding in profits and happy customers? Needless to say, that is what many companies are after, but it is quite challenging to do successfully. That's where self-service comes in.

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5 Steps To Creating Effective Social Media Customer Service

One of the most effective and efficient ways to improve your business's customer service is through social media. Utilizing social media is a great way to provide helpful self-service tools to your customer base while improving their overall experience with your company.

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Everything You Need To Know About Creating Target Buyer Audiences

A buyer persona is a character that portrays your ideal target customer. Creating one is an asset for building effective self-service experiences and knowledge base content.

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Why Focus On Self-Service

We created ServiceTarget because we see customer service and marketing teams struggling to help their companies make the shift to self-service and we want to help.

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