Contextual & Conversational Flows

Give customers the help they need contextually on any web page, inside your app or SaaS product, so they can get things done without ever leaving. Provide personalized content recommendations to help them self-serve. Plus, give them the option to request help right then and there, if they need it.

Contextual, conversational, and in-app help flow templates for any of your needs

Help customers find what they need to be successful

Personalize content and experiences by responding to each person’s unique context and intent to improve conversions, customer satisfaction and customer success.

Proactive assistance

Provide contextual help before your customers ask the same questions. Deflect, on average, 23% of support tickets, leaving your team to focus on more complex customer questions and high value customer interactions.

Context-aware customer experience

Deliver knowledge in the right place, at the right time and for the right user. Give users personalized answers from all content sources right where they are, without being forced to leave your website or application - and potentially not return. Personalize based on a users’ context, browsing, and behavior.

Access from anywhere

Give one click access to all your hep content, FAQs, getting started and troubleshooting guides, product and service manuals on any page, in your app, customer and partner portals or applications your support teams use day-to-day.

Empower customers to find what they need in-app and on the goConversational assistance brings natural language search right in your app

Accelerating agent productivity from day one

Gain visibility into customer experiences and continuously improve your customer journeys and content with data-driven insights from the frontline.

Resolve support tickets faster

Onboard new agents faster, and lead them down proven paths to solve tickets quickly. Surface all the answers relevant to the case right in your help desk so agents don’t ever have to switch tabs or look for different resources in multiple locations.

Streamline agent workflow

Proactively guide agents to complete any business process across single or multiple applications using strategically placed and personalized content delivered at the moment of need. You’ll speed up time to resolution, and create consistency in your customer experience.

Flexibility and control

Gain visibility into user experiences, analyze feedback, performance and user proficiency throughout the product journey, and continuously evolve the customer success experience without development resources or IT team.

Self-service is deployed across your existing platforms with in app helpEmpower agents to easily find what they need in app using contextual and conversational help

Contextual and conversational self-service

Any of your Flows can be deployed as conversational self-service across all of your sites, portals, or apps. Explore our conversational help solutions below.

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