Federated Search

Federated search allows your customers, partners, and team members to search across multiple sources, aggregate content, and intelligently display organized, accurate answers to highly detailed customer queries.

Federated search allows customers and teams to easily find the content they need

Help customers find what they need to be successful

Federated search allows you to easily find what you need across all of your platforms and content. Explore below all of the benefits your customers and company can expect from a highly-intelligent search tool.

Improve customer enagement

Deliver a simple, more efficient user experience with unified search that increases customer engagement and satisfaction rates. Improves discoverability of your content, by providing the most relevant information in an intuitive format and surface relevant content regardless of where it is located.

Improve efficiency and save time

Allow users to find exactly what they are looking for quickly with a single search query, without having to check multiple locations or even thinking about where it might be. Unified search improves the experience, increasing engagement and loyalty.

Improve conversion

With a federated search interface, visitors reach their desired destination with fewer clicks overall. Users stay on your site longer, rather than leaving due to not finding what they need. This ultimately increases the click through rate and the chances of a successful conversion.

Customers can easily search and find what they need with faceted searchFaceted search combs through all content types instantly

Empower team efficiency with powerful, faceted search

Your teams need easy-access to the knowledge they need to properly perform their job

Unlock content silos

Prevent unnecessary manual flipping back and forth between various content systems or shoulder tapping for answers. Index content from various sources, whether that be product content, knowledge bases, product manuals, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, educational videos and resources and make it searchable via a single search tool.

Enable organizational learning and knowledge sharing

Reduce training and on-boarding time for new employees and provide just-in time relevant content in the context of what your employees are doing. Empower employees make better decisions, improve collaboration and create a more efficient workplace.

Improve relevancy and coverage

With unified search you can make all of your content easily searchable using a single search tool. The results your users will see will be personalized based on the user type, audience, access level, product, process, language, region and more.

Empower teams to find what they need with faceted searchFederated search combs through all content types and sources enable easy organizational learning

Unified search solutions

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