Call Center Knowledge Base

Reduce customer wait times and improve agent productivity with our easy-to-use knowledge base. With a library of articles, videos and tutorials, your agents will have the answers they need right at their fingertips. Plus, our powerful AI search feature makes it easy to find the information they need fast.

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Business professional delivers self service portal for customers, partners, and teamsdesign self service portal to personalize experiences, reduce customer effort, and streamline assisted support

Provide your agents with guidance they need to solve customer issues quickly and efficiently

Everything your customer support and call center teams needs to solve problems, up-sell, and create the amazing experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

Improve agent productivity

The call center knowledge base is a powerful tool to organize your content for easy access, help agents quickly find the right solutions and assist in up-selling and cross-selling products and services and reduce training time and improve agent efficiency

Improve FCR

Avoid customer service headaches with our knowledge base. Collect relevant information about customer issues before the case is created, so that agents can provide quick and relevant answers without much back and forth. From our easy-to-use interface, you'll have access to a wide range of articles, videos and tutorials that will help you resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

Reduce hold times

Reduce customer hold times by offer intelligent escalation options that are presented based on the product, process or the issue of the customer and collect most appropriate information about the issue, then route to the best team to handle the response, ensuring each customer receives help from the right channel.

Design for your unique business needs

Empower contributors from all over your organization to contribute to the knowledge base and bring together knowledge from different sources, such as product training, product documentation, business procedures, best practices, documentation, and knowledge content.

Reduce support contacts

A call center knowledge base can help reduce the number of support contacts by providing an easy way tor your customers to find what they need before they contact you support team. This can not only reduce the burden on support staff, but it can also lead to faster resolution times for issues that do need to be addressed by support personnel.

Measure and evolve

Start creating better content today with this call center support knowledge base. Improve content based on customer feedback. Measure what customers are searching for, what content they find useful and create new content to close any gaps. From start to finish, get the insights you need to provide the information your customers are looking for.

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