Company Knowledge Base

The company knowledge base is the perfect way to improve communication and information sharing among team members. By creating a centralized ‘hub’ for knowledge, you team members can quickly access relevant information related to their job function. This enables team members to work more effectively and efficiently.

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Streamline team efficiency and productivity with the company knowledge base

Eliminate the need for endless email chains and help your team work smarter with the company knowledge base. Store all of your team's information in one central location and make it easy to find and share. Get started today and watch your team's efficiency soar!

Improve team productivity

Improve team productivity and bring new employees up to speed quickly and effectively with company knowledge base. With a searchable, central repository of information on everything from company policies to product documentation, you'll be able to equip your teams with the tools they need to succeed from day one.

Streamline employee onboarding

Make your company's knowledge base available to new employees with a streamlined, consistent onboarding process. Make training, policies, procedures, best practices, product documentation available with just a few clicks when and where they need help.

Improve relevance

Simplify Knowledge Management. Store, share, and find company information quickly and easily. Organize knowledge by department, product, topic, process, region, language and access levels to provide most relevance information to the right person and the right time

Design for your unique business needs

Empower contributors from all over your organization to contribute to the knowledge base and bring together knowledge from different sources, such as product training, product documentation, business procedures, best practices, documentation, and knowledge content.

Eliminate needless communication

Convenient, up-to-date company information at their fingertips! Eliminate needless communication by allowing employees search, share and contribute content to the company knowledge base. This will give employees the information they need when they need it and will eliminate the need for multiple, time-consuming emails. They can search by keyword, topic or even author to find the information you need fast.

Measure and evolve

Start creating better content with company knowledge base. Improve content based on employee feedback. Measure what employees are searching for, what content they find useful and create new content to close any gaps. From start to finish, get the insights you need to provide the information your employees are looking for.

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