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Achieve customer success with Customer Knowledge Base. Empower your customers to easily find relevant, accurate, and timely answers with unified content, AI-powered search, and visual guided navigation. Deliver an interactive, engaging and personalized customer experience and achieve customer success.

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Business professional delivers self service portal for customers, partners, and teamsdesign self service portal to personalize experiences, reduce customer effort, and streamline assisted support

Answer your customer questions when and where they need help

Customer Knowledge Base is at the heart of your customer self-service strategy. Create customer knowledge base with ease, create personalized customer experience and deploy them where you customers need help most, on your website, in your web or mobile applications or on online retail storefront.

Improve customer experience

Provide a self-service knowledge base to your customers as the first line of support. Help your call center team answer customer questions & troubleshoot issues quickly.

Improve CSAT

Offer convenient and easy access to the information customers need to resolve product issues. The Knowledgebase is available 24/7 and provides a searchable database of support articles, FAQs, and troubleshooting tips. Customer satisfaction is improved by offering this valuable resource any time, anywhere customers need it.

Drive self-service adoption

Present relevant contact options and collect just the necessary information based on who the customer is, what they products are, or what the issue is

Design for your unique business needs

No matter how big or small your business is, our product support knowledge base can help you support multiple brands, any number of customer segments, hundreds of product categories and thousands of products in any regions and language.

Reduce support contacts

A customer knowledge base can help reduce the number of support contacts by providing an easy way tor your customers to find what they need. In many cases, customers can find the answer to their question without having to contact support. This can not only reduce the burden on support staff, but it can also lead to faster resolution times for issues that do need to be addressed by support personnel.

Measure and evolve

Start creating better content today with customer support knowledge base. Improve content based on customer feedback. Measure what customers are searching for, what content they find useful and create new content to close any gaps. From start to finish, get the insights you need to provide the information your customers are looking for.

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