Product Documentation Hub

A Product Documentation Portal is a central location for sharing product-related information and updates. Give customers, partners and employees fast and easy access to product information, documentation, manuals and owner's guides, announcements, roadmaps, and a place to ask questions and submit ideas. By having all this information in one place, you can improve customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and speed up product development cycles.

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Business professional delivers self service portal for customers, partners, and teamsdesign self service portal to personalize experiences, reduce customer effort, and streamline assisted support

Create a centralized destination for your product documentation

The Product Documentation Hub creates a space of collaboration and efficiency, where your customers, partners and teams members can quickly find information they need to be successful with all your product content from different sources like KBs, docs, pdfs, blogs, youtube video accessible in one place.

Centralize your content

Curate product content from many different sources, like blogs, case studies, white papers, guides, ebooks, videos, and more.

Increase Engagement

Increase engagement with easy to discover relevant content based on their product, audience, interest and more.

Improve CSAT

Create a seamless unified search and navigation experience across all of these forms of content. Provide each user with tailored and personalized results.

Reduce Support Cost

A product documentation hub can help reduce the number of support contacts a company receives for a particular product by allowing customers find the answer to their question on their own.

Design for your unique business needs

Build and define content with interactive steps, media elements, structured fields, and more. Create content tiers to define structure.

Measure and evolve

Start creating better content and improve existing content based on customer feedback. Measure what customers are searching for, what content they find useful and create new content to close any gaps. From start to finish, get the insights you need to provide the information your employees are looking for.

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