Product Registration

Product registration provides numerous benefits for both you and your customers. By registering your product, your customers can easily access relevant product support knowledge, receive current offers and promotions, and have product information available during support calls. Product registration also helps you keep track of your product portfolio, identify customer trends, and track warranty claims. In short, product registration provides a wealth of benefits that can help you improve your product support and customer satisfaction.

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Transform product registration into an engaging and convenient experience

Giving your customers user-friendly self-service options can save both time and money for your organization, and your customers. The product registration experience gives you everything you need to bring the registration process entirely online. Guide customers through form submissions, present them with relevant product categories, product and models, include fields like serial number, purchase location and date, customer contact information, and more.

Improve customer experience

Product registration is a key part of the customer experience, providing valuable data to manufacturers while also ensuring that customers can take full advantage of their product’s warranties and other benefits. Online product registration has many advantages over traditional methods, including convenience, speed, and accuracy.

Reduce Support Contacts

By asking customers to provide their contact information and product serial number up front, you can quickly and easily identify them in your database. This can save you time and money by reducing the need for customer support representatives to track down customer information.

Improve CSAT

Self-service product product registration process can actually improve your customer satisfaction. By making it easy for customers to register their products, you're showing that you care about their experience and that you're committed to stand behind your products.

Improve agent effeciency

Gather all pertinent information about the customer and product so that when the customer contacts you, your team is equipped to assist them quickly and efficiently.

Design for your unique business needs

Personalize product registration experience based on customer segment, product, process, regions, or language and collect the most relevant information.

Measure and evolve

Product registration is a key process for many companies, as it allows you to track product usage and gather important customer data. In order to ensure that this process is as smooth and efficient as possible, it is important to measure key analytics around it and use those insights to evolve the experience.

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