Student Support Knowledge Base

Providing the answers students need, when they need them! The Student Support Knowledge Base is a personalized, unified, convenient, and consistent experience for prospective and current students, parents, staff, and alumni. With this solution, they can answer many questions regarding admission, enrollment, financial aid, tuition, student life, and more via self-service. This will help to reduce the calls and inquiries to the support center, freeing up time to provide support to those who need it most.

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Business professional delivers self service portal for customers, partners, and teamsdesign self service portal to personalize experiences, reduce customer effort, and streamline assisted support

Transform your online student experience

Empower your prospective and current students, staff and alumni to answer their questions via self-service. Engage with personalized, unified, convenient, and consistent experiences whether they are on your website, or web and mobile applications.

Improve knowledge sharing

Bringing university teams and partners together to create, categorize, and maintain that knowledge easily and share it with those who need it. From basic information to complex processes, knowledge base provides a space for your team to collaborate and get the help you need to succeed.

Improve online experience

An online knowledge base is a convenient way for students to get the answers they need, when they need them. By providing a central repository of information, students can quickly find answers to their questions and get back to learning. Your student support knowledge base can make sure it is easy to search and navigate content, keep it up with the latest information and provide links to useful resources.

Drive self-service adoption

One way to increase student self-service adoption is to provide a knowledge base for students to reference when they have questions.The KB contains a wide variety of searchable information, including application, enrollment, tuition and financial aid information, directory of people and activities, policies, and procedures and more.

Design for your unique business needs

Whether you are a large university with multiple campuses or smaller one, you can organize knowledge around unique aspects of your university.

Reduce contact volumes

Reducing the number of contacts that school staff need to handle, allowing them to focus on complex issues by providing an easily searchable knowledge base of solutions and help articles.

Measure and evolve

Start creating better content today with this student support knowledge base. Improve content based on customer feedback. Measure what customers are searching for, what content they find useful and create new content to close any gaps. From start to finish, get the insights you need to provide the information your customers are looking for.

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