Collaborate & Evolve

Bring knowledge from across your company together into easy-access guides and articles to engage users with interactive and rich content that matches your company’s style. Continue learning to improve and meet customer needs as your service evolves with your company’s growth.

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Collaborate and evolve

Interactive guides

Author content in ServiceTarget, import from a CSV, or utilize our API so you can quickly get up and running to improve your self-service experience.

Create the content structures you want, author and update everything with the rich text editor or HTML source code editor, and build experiences to match the expectations of modern content creators.

Embed interactive flows to guide customers through getting started, setup, and troubleshooting processes.

Interactive guides
structured content

Structured content

Organize your articles in multiple filter sets—including audience, regions, languages, topics, products, or any other dimension—so it’s easy for your customers to find what they need.

Rich media library

Embed rich media such as images, video, and gifs right into your guide content with drag and drop.

rich media library
dynamic translations

Dynamic translations

Localize your content in any language so you can serve customers in their native language.

Use Dynamic Content to create your own translations with a default version of the text (set in the same language as your default) and variants for every other language that you support. Based on the end-user’s language, the appropriate variant is automatically displayed to the end-user.

Content History

Understand how your self-service experience and content evolves over time. See who made the edits and changes, when, and why so you can always be up-to-date on the latest revisions.

content history
content style guide

Content style guide

Match your brand through and through with custom CSS.

From headings to images, to numbered lists, notes, and tips—make your content structure visually appealing and unique.

Import & Export

Import existing content into your knowledge base to easily add content so you can get up and running quick to improve your self-service experience.

Content Source Sync

Sync all of your content sources into one easy-to-access location. Pull your internal and external sources together to one unified place for anyone to efficiently access.

Bulk actions

Manage your knowledge base more efficiently with Bulk Actions. Update various article properties, such as labels and permissions, for multiple articles all at once.

Publishing workflows

Plan, schedule, and organize content publishing.

Control how your content looks and who can create it through your own custom content style guide and publishing workflows.


Guides are optimized so search engines can understand your content and customers can find answers no matter where they look for them. ServiceTarget automatically updates your sitemap.

Role-based access

Control access to content by choosing who can view it.

Make it available through a public self-help center, publish some content for your partners, or keep some for your internal teams only.

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