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ai-driven km software for your customers, partners, employees, and frontline teams
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The problem

Enabling customers, partners, and employees to self-serve is difficult

This problem is the crux of scaling a product, process, or company, and its universal, pervasive, and foundational to many business processes, as well as improving the customer and employee experience.

Inadequately enabling customers, partners, and employees is the #1 reason they leave you.
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Elevate your experience
Create engaging content, build KM applications and respond to users with AI.

Create a custom content model

Create and manage structured content with unlimited content types  using AI writing assistant.

Build a unified knowledge foundation

Combine information from many different content sources.

Design knowledge management apps

Visually design self-service applications leveraging our nocode app builder.

Personalize every experience

Personalize every user interaction based on their context.

Help users help themselves

Offer multiple ways to self-serve: websites, portals, intranet, mobile & web apps

Enable community & collaboration

Enable many-to-many collaboration so that users can help one another.

Manage requests & feedback

Create views to manage large volumes of requests and feedback.

Respond using AI

Quickly respond to users leveraging AI and relevant knowledge.
key capabilities

Enterprise Search & Discovery

Seamlessly integrate content from various sources into a single, easy-to-explore enablement experience.

Knowledge Management

Personalized content and recommendations based on audience, product, process, location, interest and more.

Content Management

Create a tailored content model to structure your products, service, support and marketing content.

Nocode App Design

Visually design customer experience applications leveraging your custom content model.

Community & Collaboration

Enable public and private discussions on 1:1 or 1:many basis with customers, partners, and frontline teams.

Requests & Submissions

Guide users through processes like feedback, content & idea submissions, and support requests with customizable forms.

Surveys & 

Gather insights and feedback from users. Use this info to create user segments, or to follow up and get more insight.

Performance Analytics

Measure adoption, engagement, and self-service rates, and gain valuable insight into user search and behavior.
Why we are different

All your content types and sources in one place

Bring content from different sources together in one enablement experience that is easy to explore.

AI-powered enterprise search & relevancy

Personalized content and recommendations based on audience, product, process, location, interest and more.

Visual app designer & 100+ of templates

Visually design custom knowledge management apps or get started quickly with one of our templates.

Deploy anywhere your users need access

Deploy in minutes wherever customers, partners, teams need enablement - websites, portals, and apps.
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Create hundreds of kM apps with nocode

Build KM applications for your customers, partners, employees, and frontline teams.
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How it works

Create, curate, organize and manage valuable organizational content.

Define different content types and sync content from different sources into a virtual workspace, and make it easy for users to access it based on their role, product, process, interests, and more.

Design KM applications without code.

Design data & content-driven applications for your customers and frontline teams using visual flow designer. Deploy them in minutes anywhere users need access.

Engage users to understand their needs and capture feedback.

Gather feedback to better understand user needs, learn how you can improve and report on how well knowledge needs are met with analytics.

Invite teammates to collaborate on content and respond to user requests

Invite teammates to help curate, create and manage content in their area of expertise and collaborate with internal and external users in the context of their requests.
use cases

Enabling hundreds of use cases just like yours

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Your users deserve the best possible experience

You have a vision for your user experience. ServiceTarget provides you with the building blocks to bring your vision to life — fast and without the headaches
Improve Experience
Improve user experience, product adoption, engagement, satisfaction, & loyalty
Increase Satisfaction
Gather insight into user needs and design more effective user experience programs
Drive Self-Service
Create user experience programs & measure progress toward your usage, adoption, & self-service goals
Reduce effort
Reduce the effort users expend to achieve success with products & processes
Aid users as they progress from learning & discovery to adoption & product success
build knowledge foundation
Build a knowledge foundation spanning all your audiences, products, & processes.
Reduce Costs
Reduce customer acquisition, sales, onboarding, customer support, & client success costs
Increase Effeciency
Improve consistency of execution across teams. Give users the same answer regardless of who they ask.
Drive quality & Consistancy
Improve content structure, organization, quality, consistency & accuracy
Customer Success

Great things happen when you combine technology and expertise to achieve business outcomes.

We have a deep understanding of what it takes to build exceptional customer experiences and empower frontline teams. When you choose ServiceTarget, our team will work closely with you to understand your unique goals and challenges. We'll then align our product, technical, and strategic expertise to ensure that you get the most out of our platform.

Get our guidance and support to create a seamless customer experience and empower your frontline teams to deliver exceptional results:
  • Project Planning: Get expert guidance on how ServiceTarget can help engage, enable, and support your customers, and achieve your business goals with a customized project plan.
  • Onboarding: Get personalized help to quickly set up and use ServiceTarget, and realize value faster.
  • Content Integration: Get help to seamlessly integrate your content sources or migrate content from outdated platforms.
  • Flow Development: Whether you need help with a new template or a custom flow, our team is here to help.
  • Live Training: Hands-on learning with experienced instructors provides your team with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively use ServiceTarget.
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