Create self-service applications for your customers, partners, & teams

Build personalized self-service flows that guide users through every interaction with your company. Empower customers and teams to gain knowledge and perform convenient transactions online.

customer service agent

Tackle your self-service challenges

Create custom applications for your customers, partners, and teams without coding

search content sources

Multiple content sources

You manage content in different places like PDF, knowledge bases, websites, PIMs, documentation, internal wikis, and customer communities.

hundreds of brands and thousands of products

Complex multi-brand strategy

You sell through different brands, have extensive product catalogues, and offer hundreds of products across many categories.

features and functionality

Complex features & functionality

Your products are complex and require some learning, setup, installation, and troubleshooting.

multiple audiences like customers, partners, and teams across business segments

Multiple audience segments

Your serve different customer segments like consumers, businesses, partners, resellers, installers, system integrators, developers, and your teams.

various channels and service portals

Various channels & service portals

Your company has many different brand websites, web applications, mobile apps, and customer/partner/employee portals which require different experiences.

Support global customers with localization across your self service portals

Various regions &  languages

You do business globally in different countries and languages and need to provide localized experiences.

How can I design self-service to fit my business and customer needs?

Build & evolve applications based on customer feedback

servicetarget solution overview

Create a company-wide knowledge base spanning content from different sources


Empower subject matter experts from across the company to contribute knowledge


Visually design knowledge-driven applications without a development team


Embed applications anywhere your customers, partners and teams need help


Guide customers, partners and teams through step-by-step personalized processes based on interest & problem area


Evolve your knowledge and applications based on analytics and customer feedback

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Self-Service Solutions

Create flexible data & content-driven applications, and gain valuable customer insights that maximize ROI. ServiceTarget combines personalization, search, and interactive experiences into an easy-to-use configurable solution.

 customer self service portal

Customer self-service

Empower your customers find answers to their product and support questions with self-service.

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technical resource center

Tech resource center

Unify all technical content from different sources in one place and make it easy to search and navigate.

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customer knowledge base

Company knowledge

Enable your company's subject matter experts to create and share relevant content for your customers, partners and teams.

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call center knowledgebase

Call-center knowledge

Provide faster resolution for every customer call & service request with call-center knowledge base.

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federated search

Federated search

Enable search across multiple content sources and return highly relevant results for every query.

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conversational customer self-service

Conversational self-service

Understands customer's intent and personalizes their experience with guided conversational self-service.

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contextual and in-app help

Contextual & in-app help

Give customers the help they need contextually on any web page, inside your app or SaaS product.

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employee self-service

Employee self-service

Provide your team with the easiest, fastest way to learn, and empower knowledge creators to make create and share content.

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Empowering service portals around the world

From global consumer products and electronics companies to software-as-a-service and educational institutions, teams around the world use ServiceTarget to accelerate digital transformation projects and improve the customer experience .

Servicetarget empowers global recreation service portals

Global Recreation

Global leader in recreational marine electronics provides personalized self-service experiences for consumers and dealers across six brands, five continents, 14 countries and 12 languages.

Servicetarget empowers home security self service portals

Home Security

A global leader in home automation and security scales its growth across 14 brands while supporting consumers, installers, and dealers with self-service.

Servicetarget empowers home automation self service portals

Home Automation

Global supplier consumer electronics, mobile devices, home and auto security products provides self-service to customers, partners and teams across 3 business segments and 30 brands.

Servicetarget empowers SaaS self service portals


EdTech company reduced contacts by 20% while growing at 10-15% YOY by providing convenient self-service for parents and school administrators.

Servicetarget powers global and consumer electronics self service portals

Global Electronics

Global consumer electronics company aggregates content from multiple sources for 21,000 customers a month across five continents, 17 countries speaking 14 languages.

Scale your business with self-service

Build custom or use our library of 100+ templates to create experiences your customers love

Build self-service apps without code.

Build service portals without code.

Get started fast with hundreds of customizable templates—or create your own with drag-and-drop designer.

Adapt and evolve self service easily

Adapt and evolve quickly.

Evolve your apps on the fly to match your business needs, optimize workflows, and create better outcomes.

Scale self service and knowledge centered support as you grow

Scale as you grow.

Enable teams to create and use apps independently with unlimited users & workspaces.

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