Observe your self-service performance in real-time. Understand your customer's journey better with user activity tracking and interactive flows. Unearth the gaps in your content strategy and improve.

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Measure self-service
self-service performance

Self-service performance

Understand high-level self-service performance including abandonments, escalations, and resolutions across all self-service flows.

Observe self-service trends over weeks, months, quarters, and years to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

Guide performance

Measure the effectiveness of your different forms of self-service articles and guides.

By leveraging the ability to see:

  • Structured and unstructured feedback
  • Which self-service guides led to resolutions or escalations
  • And which guides were most and least viewed

You can learn how to better improve your content.

guide performance
search behavior

Search behavior

See what terms customers are searching for and if those searches come up empty.

Create new content to close any gaps or update search tags to help existing content show up in more results.

Testing & optimization

Continuously improve the user experience through testing and optimization.

By testing and discovering why your contacts are happening, you can optimize by filling any content gaps to best prevent contacts from happening.

testing optimization


With self-learning, capture data from all interactions and apply resulting insights to personalized experiences across all of your self-service material.

The system learns from user behavior which content delivers the best outcomes.

It then automatically tunes its intelligent self-service recommendations to ensure the right content, self-service transactions, and best contact options always rise to the top.

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