Design custom and personalized experiences that guide users through all of your content and applications in one fluid system. Create that ideal and effective journey you want your customers to experience.

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connect content sources

Connect content sources

Connect multiple content sources including customer support websites, knowledgebases, customer communities, documentation, product manuals and more. Make them easy to navigate, searchable, instantly organized, measurable, feedback-enabled, and reusable. 

Search-enable product manuals, quick-start guides, pdf content, and present the results online with other relevant content.

Build customer journeys

Personalize journeys based on identity, products owned, issue, geography, language, and any other dimension.

Create extensive product and process hierarchies.

Define different audiences for your products and services and align their journeys with specific, relevant, tailored information and escalation options.

build customer journeys
design flows

Create self-service flows

Create personalized experiences with the intuitive drag-and-drop flow builder and component library.

Choose from one of the available customer components or create one and define their behaviors and rules.

Components include: Search, Facet, Choice, Content list, Content viewer, Forms, Data fields, Escalations, Helpful links, Alerts, Router, JavaScript.

Add intelligent escalations & processes

Dynamically present best escalation options based on customer type, products owned, problem area, time of day, and agent availability.

Capture all required data and escalate as an exception through existing channels.

Enable self-service processes and transactions such as warranty, product registration, or service requests.

intelligent escalations
globalize localize

Globalize & localize

Make self-service instantly available in any language and any region. Auto-translate content through URL matching to detect language and region. 

Empower local teams to create knowledge unique to their region or service.
Choose how customers contact you based on product, problem area, time, location, language, etc. 

Style & brand

Apply your brand’s style guide and create any number of unique styling variations for different deployment points.

Make self-help an integral part of the page it lives on and reinforce brand consistency with every interaction.

From colors and fonts, to buttons, product images, and iconography you can:
Gain control of every visual aspect of your self-service application through administration tools, not code.

style brand
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