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ServiceTarget combines intelligent search with user guidance, powerful analytics, and point-and-click design tools to offer the most complete and fully integrated self-service platform.


Do more with ServiceTarget

Unify and surface all your content and make it available everywhere you users need it, on the web, in the mobile apps or in the agent workspace. Deploy purpose built self-service applications in minutes with our no-code design tools to resolve more customer questions via self-service. Collect the right information and automate routine customer support requests in your CRM, ERP, RMA and other business systems.


Sync content from Salesforce Knowledge, communities, docs, and PDF manuals into a unified search and navigation experience. Build Salesforce-connected web forms to create a case in Salesforce, answer questions via chat, or automate processes in another system.


Unify all your knowledge sources like Oracle Knowledge, communities, docs, and PDFs into a search powered, guided self-service applications, available to your customers, partners, and teams when and where they need it. Answer customer questions, guide users through processes, and automate routine support requests.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Build unique self-service applications and deploy in minutes to your website, within the web and mobile apps, partner sites, and in your Customer Service Hub. Collect customer information and create a case in Dynamics CRM or automate routine customer requests in other systems.


Pull Zendesk Guide articles, community, docs, PDFs, and more into a centralized knowledge base. Make it available everywhere your customers, partners, and teams need help - website, mobile, and web apps, and partner portals. Let agents respond with confidence, by surfacing the best answers based on the content of the ticket.

Unlock the value of your content

Bring in content from all your sources and make it instantly searchable and discoverable with just a few clicks!

Index and search your pdf manuals, quick start guides, installation instructions and resources.

Search youtube videos and playlists within self-service or embed youtube video in the guides.

Sync guides directly from you Google Docs and make them available in your knowledgebase.

Include SharePoint Online content in your self-service and make it searchable by it's audience.

Make content of your website searchable and discoverable through your self-service Flows.

Make content of your website searchable and discoverable through your self-service Flows.

Display Vimeo videos within self-service journeys or embed them within interactive guides.

Add the content of Amazon S3 buckets to your self-service Flows. ServiceTarget will index files and make them searchable and discoverable.

Answer customer questions faster

Drive customers through self-service and if they need additional help, route them to your preferred real-time communication channel. Dynamically present best channel based on who your customer is, products they own, type of questions they have, as well as agent availability, time of the day, and custom schedule. 

When customers contact you, answer questions directly from Slack.

Route customer contacts directly to you SnapEngage chat channel.

Route customer contacts directly to your Kustomer chat channel.

Start empowering customer success today!