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Help customers anywhere and everywhere. Deploy to your website, application, online store, or partner sites with just a few lines of javascript. Yes, it is that simple.

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Deploy customer success software across all of your platforms
deploy multi brand strategy with self service

Multi-brand strategy

Bring your multi-brand strategy to life with re-usable flows

Create self-service flows that work best for each of your distinct brands. Organize knowledge and processes around unique audiences, products and processes and apply styling that matches the brand.

You can collaborate on content and see customer feedback and self-service analytics across all brands in one convenient place. And because all flows are part of the single knowledge foundation, you can aggregate them for corporate websites, partners, distributors, outsourcers, etc.

This is the most intuitive and easy-to-use solution for creating self-service solutions I have ever used.
- Michael, Global Service Manager
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Multi-audience support

Enable customers, partners, teams, and more to be successful

Your audience has a variety of needs. Provide relevant customer experience, content and self-service processes for every user, whether they are a new or returning customer, a high or low value customer, or a customer who owns or works with specific products.

With ServiceTarget we are able to provide convenient self-service to our dealers, installers, and consumers globally across six brands. As we launch new products, we can publish new knowledge in all languages with just a few clicks.
— Michael, Director of Customer Service & Support          
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support all of you audiences with customer success software
enable personalized localization through the customer success software

Global support & localization

Provide personalized support across the globe

Do you run a global business but find localizing self-service content and business rules across different sites, regions and languages is very difficult?

We know how hard it can be and want to help you scale self-service around the World. Quickly translate and localize content, define regional variations, and publish content and escalation options based on who the customer is, what they own, what region they are in, their time zone, current wait times and more. With ServiceTarget, you can offer self-help in 30+ languages without a huge lift.

Previously it was a nightmare managing translation and localization for our six brand sites around the globe. ServiceTarget made it easy to launch in 17 countries and 13 languages.
— Robin, VP, Global Customer Operations
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Mobile & in-app help

Customer success software that spans all device & platform types

The promise to help your customers “everywhere” should include mobile and web applications your company provides. Help users get started with on-boarding flows, drive adoption with relevant educational content and guide them to resolve their questions and issues with troubleshooting flows - all without leaving the application. Present content based on user role, access level, or the area of the app they need help with.

Great in-app and mobile help is key to the success of your customers as they use your application and underpins your strategy for renewals and expansion.

ServiceTarget designed, developed and rolled out our new student and admin facing knowledge centers in less than a week. The service answered 15,000 customer inquiries in the first month, more than paying for itself.
— Kelly, Support and Services Director, K-12 Education       
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bring self service to mobile and in app help portals to support customer success
guide customers to be successful by leading them to their best fit products

Guided selling

Encourage customer success with product-finders tailored to needs

Help customers buy with confidence.  Guide customers to the best products for them based on who they are, what their goals are, the way they intend to use the product, or the products they already own (e.g. compatible products).

You will instantly see increased customer satisfaction and fewer product returns. Better help = more sales.

Implementing ServiceTarget was easy and fast. Best part, we saw an immediate drop in preventable contacts and an increase in sales.
— Doug, VP Customer Success     
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