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Deploy self-service
help center

Help center

Help centers are at the heart of self-service, but often don’t function nearly as effectively as they should.

Deploy a better self-service help center that utilizes more personalized and evolved functions to help your customers succeed with ease:

  • Advanced Search
  • Guided Navigation
  • Interactive Content
  • Intelligent Escalations

Mobile help

Allow your services and support to be available anytime and anywhere your customers need it.

Easily adapt your help to mobile, provide across a variety of applications, and bring the most convenient experience to your customers.

  • Help users get familiar with the application through onboarding flows.
  • Encourage users to get the most out of your app features and improve task completion with relevant guided help.
  • Present content based on user role, access level, or the page of the app.
  • Embed contextual help in your mobile and web apps.
mobile help
contextual help

Contextual help

The contextual layer of help decides what presentation, or flow, should be grabbed first, almost like a launching pad.

This contextualization can refer to anything: region and language, various brands your company controls, product or service page, and more.

It looks at the URL of the targeted page and displays the appropriate rules, components, or steps you have outlined based on the context.

Conversational UI

Let your users have a conversation with your site. Allow them to tell you exactly what they need and provide them with interactive and effective responses in a natural language.

Directly aid to customer concerns with catered responses for all different unique situations.

conversational UI
site search integration

Site search integration

Integrated search tools provide the most natural exchanges for your users across your various sites and applications.

This function can allow people to have an interactive “conversation” with your website—telling it what they need or what they are looking for then quickly receiving the answer.

  • It does the work for your users, providing the most accurate and relevant information with the least amount of effort expended.
  • Integrated search functions can pull content from all different areas of your site, whether it be articles, guides, product pages, contact options, and more. Or it can pull in any external content you choose to resource.

Syndicated flows

Create your content one time then quickly and easily publish it across all of your different channels.

Remove the pain of manually rendering content over and over again for each platform with this one-and-done strategy.

Guided selling

Your customers want to be successful using your products and services, so help them.

Help customers buy with confidence by choosing the right products for them:

  • Guide them based on who they are, what their product goals are, or the way their product will be used.
  • Allow customers to check if their product is compatible with other products they use. 
  • Recommend products that are best for them and frequently bought together. 
  • Present relevant content about the product. 
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