Supporting Consumers, Partners & Teams

The Company is a world's largest provider of leisure consumer electronic products. It owns and operates six distinct brands that are sold around the globe.

The Company has made significant investments in R&D, product management, production, sales, service and marketing and is able to launch a new product every 20 days.

The Challenge

With the fast pace of innovation in it’s offerings, the biggest pain point for the customer service was creating, maintaining and making available  the most current setup, installation and troubleshooting information about products, services and apps it distributes in over 100 global markets across it’s 6 brands. The users of this information are consumers, dealers and front line customer service staff.

That’s when the customer service team realized they needed to change their approach to global consumer & dealer service and support.  They created a project team tasked with finding a solution. That’s is when they came across ServiceTarget.

The Solution

ServiceTarget platform could empower the Company's various subject matter experts (SME’s) to:

The rollout process went quickly. ServiceTarget’s client success team helped with the site setup, multi-site branding and content import and clean-up.

Global brand teams received hands-on training and immediately started creating and improving its knowledge repository of over 4000 guides.

“This is the most intuitive and easy-to-use knowledge management tool I have ever used” - Global Service Manager

The Results

Today, The Company manages all it’s self-help content in the single place and makes it available on six branded self-help sites and within their dealer portal.

The consumers can effortlessly find useful how-to, basic troubleshooting and installation information for products they own and use.

Dealers can access all the knowledge that consumers can see for each of the brand’s plus additional information, whether it is advanced installation and troubleshooting guides or offers and dealer incentives.

And with North America’s roll out being a success, The Company is taking advantage of multilingual functionality with plans of rolling out in 16 countries.

To learn more about how you can use ServiceTarget to create your self-service first approach to customer service, request a personalized product tour today.

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