Knowledge Base

Your customers, partners, and teams need tailored, educational content that is easy to find and well-designed. With the customer and employee knowledge bases, you can provide just that.

Content management system includes organized tables for all of your data and content

Empower customers & teams to succeed with knowledge-centered support

Empower your customers, partners and teams to be successful with your products and services - from product discovery and research, to purchase and adoption, from onboarding to technical troubleshooting and service.

Increase customer satisfaction and retention

A knowledge base is a valuable resource for both customers. It provides easy access to answers, tutorials, and other useful information, empowering them to be successful and satisfied. A well-organized and comprehensive knowledge base can improve customer satisfaction, reduce support and training costs.

Improve self-service adoption

A knowledge base can be a game-changer for customers who want to find answers and solutions on their own. With easy access to the information and resources they need, customers can quickly and easily solve their own problems without having to contact support. With a user-friendly and well-organized knowledge base, they'll have a great experience while they're doing it. It's a win-win situation that can drive self-service adoption and make customers happier in the process.

Provide knowledge everywhere it is needed

Leverage single underlying knowledge base and make it available everywhere you customers, partners and teams need help. Easily deploy on your public website, inside customer or partners portals, intranet, in your web or mobile applications and more and provide access to only relevant content with access levels.

Teams easily improve self service adoption by creating knowledge centered support solutionsEmpower teams to succeed with a knowledge base that introduces knowledge centered support

Create and publish valuable product & service content

Create and publish beautiful product content, from how-to's to FAQs, to onboarding and troubleshooting guides. All content is is organized around your unique business and is easy to find in just few clicks.

Organize content around your business and customer needs

Create flexible taxonomies and organize and structure content around your unique business and customer needs. Easily support multiple brands, audiences, regions and languages, complex product categories, 1000s of products and models, processes, content types and more.

Enable subject matter experts (SMEs) to collaborate

Create visual, interactive content with our powerful built-in content editor. Add links, images, videos, callouts, code blocks, and more or create interactive step-though guides.

Improve content quality and effectiveness based on use

More effective help content means customers are more likely to become, and stay, successful. Analyze guide traffic, resolutions and contact rates, and search queries to uncover recurring themes and surface language patterns to create targeted content that resonates.

Team collaborates on knowledge content to encourage knowledge centered supportCollaborate across the internal knowledge base with simple editors

Improve experience & reduce support costs with knowledge base

Get started quickly with ready-made fully customizable templates. Go live in minutes and evolve self-service applications with ease.

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