Increasing CSAT While Reducing Support Tickets

Customer Success Story

This customer story is about increasing CSAT while reducing support tickets using a customer success software

SaaS company in the EdTech space reduces customer support contacts and increases CSAT 70% with ServiceTarget.

Our Customer, a SaaS platform for private K-12 schools, is on a mission to solve the most pressing challenges that admission offices face and to enable unparalleled efficiencies for schools and more meaningful connections with families.

Founded in 2012 by partnering with a handful of private schools around the U.S., and with a burning desire to create a better way to collect and process online school applications, the company has since evolved as a modern, innovative and highly configurable admissions CRM serving schools nationwide.

The Challenge

The Company has enjoyed significant growth. However, as the number of schools and parents using the service went up, the Company had to face its own challenges - increasing support contacts and consequently the cost of service.

There are three primary sources for contacts.

  1. The Company’s customer support team was handling a lot of questions and issues from parents and students related to their school applications, admissions process, school events, etc.
  2. The Company’s team also took significant number of calls from school administrators related to features, set up, implementation, use and troubleshooting of the app.
  3. Additionally, self-installation and client success are incredibly important. Customer frustration could significantly limit the growth opportunity.

The Company had to move quickly and have revamped support experience in place within two weeks from the ServiceTarget demo -  right in time for the busy season in January.

The Solution

The Company’s SaaS solution comprises of several distinct hubs and a diverse group of users, all of whom need help with different things from Company’s support team.

Our vision for the Company was a single place to create and manage self-service experiences and make them available to various audiences within the corresponding portals that those users interact with. This would include Parents and Students Portal, School Admins Portal and the Company’s own client success & implementation team.

Furthermore, contacts from parents would need to be routed directly to the school they are applying to, when the question is about specific application to the Company, when the question was regarding tech issue.

To tackle this big problem we divided the project in three phases:

  1. Parent & student support
  2. Schools administrator support
  3. Implementation & client success

In Phase 1 we created engaging help center experience and contextual help for Parent’s Portal and made it possible for parents to contact the school directly with the questions and issues related specifically to their application and contact the Company for any technical support with their account, application or payment. This phase was designed and implemented within two weeks of the initial discussion.

In Phase 2 we built on the success achieved with Parent’s Portal and applied it to School Admin’s Portal.

In Phase 3 the Company empowered its’ own client success & implementation team and School Admin’s with the resources and training needed to effectively implement the Company’s solution.

All three experiences, while uniquely styled and personalized for the audience, are powered by the single knowledge foundation.

The Results

With the help of ServiceTarget, the Company was able to dramatically increase online self-service rates for Parents, School Admins and Client Success teams. In just 1 month of the project delivered 10x ROI, such that the Company no longer needed to hire 2 FTE’s to support the growth.

What is more notable is that now that the support team could spend more time with the High LTV customers, the CSAT for that segment increased by 70%.

“Implementing ServiceTarget was easy and fast. Best part  - we saw an immediate drop in contacts” - VP of Client Success

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