Supporting Customers On A Global Scale

Customer Success Story

This customer success story is about supporting customers on a global scale using customer success software

Global Consumer Electronics Company answers questions for 12K customers a day around the globe with ServiceTarget self-service solutions.

The Company, who is the world's leader in consumer electronics and digital technologies, supports users around the world in making this world a more beautiful and creative place.

The Company has users on five continents, 17 countries speaking 14 languages.

The Challenge

Before ServiceTarget, the Company maintained a hodgepodge of home-grown customer self-service solutions.

For content creators and knowledge managers, who authored content for customer self-service and customer support teams, managing and keeping it up to date was the major challenge.

And with the global footprint, making that information available around the world in the native language while accounting for regional and cultural differences was impossible.

The Company needed an easier, faster and more scalable way to make self-service available across its’ vast global markets. ServiceTarget was able to do just that!

The Solution

The proposal was to create a unified self-service experience powered by multi-lingual global knowledgebase, instantly translated into any language and made available globally. If customers still need to contact the Company, the solution would present just the right regional contact information and availability.

To tackle this big problem we divided the project in two phases:

  • English only self-help in North America
  • Global self-help in 16 countries and 13 languages

Since North America accounted for 30% of the global contact volumes, in Phase 1 we created engaging help center experience and dynamic product FAQs and made it possible for consumers in North America to answer their questions and resolve issues on their own. We also used this phase as an opportunity to establish world-class knowledgebase, work out content details and prepare it for translation.

In Phase 2 we used ServiceTarget auto-translation tools to create a localized version of the knowledgebase. Our intelligent escalations capability allowed to route any unresolved questions and issues to the right contact center supporting the region and language of the consumer.

The Results

With ServiceTarget, the Company  now offers a global self-help for its users to self-serve in their native language. It sees on average 12,000 visitors a day with a peak of 33,000 around the Christmas Holidays.

Over 82% of visitors seeking help from the Company are able to successfully answer their questions related to product how-to’s, troubleshooting, setup, installation and software updates via self-service and do not seek to contact the Company further.

Beyond improving the Company’s support center, relevant help content is offered on product pages via Dynamic Top Content Widget.

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