Eliminating Preventable Contacts While Improving CSAT

Customer Success Story

This customer success story is about eliminating recurring preventable contacts to improve CSAT with customer success software.

Read on to learn how our customer used Self-Service first approach to reduce contacts by 28%, and  improve wait time by 48%

One of ServiceTarget customers is a global manufacturer and supplier of innovative products for residential and commercial markets. It has been in business since 1980s and distributes over 2,000 products in 40 countries on five continents.

The Company operates two distinct brand sites. It distributes its products direct to consumer as well as through major retailers.

The Challenge

The Company’s products are complex in nature. They require some technical expertise to install, operate and use and are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and feature-packed in response to demand for automation and connectivity to the mobile apps, and other platforms such as Google Home, Alexa etc.

The problem was that consumers, who are often not very technical, often struggled with the product setup, pairing with the home wifi network and other connected devices, troubleshooting issues as well as the use of the features of the mobile app. As the result, the Company was experiencing:

  • High contact volume
  • Long wait times for phone & chat
  • High returns and over-warranty of the products

Which resulted in mixed online reviews for the products and negative comments about customer service, burned out support staff and high customer service costs.

The Solution

The Company needed to act fast to address the problem. When it saw the demonstration from ServiceTarget of what is possible, the light bulbs went off.

“This is exactly what we need!” - VP of Customer Care

The Company knew that it did not need to add more support staff, or open up new support channels. What they needed was a robust Customer Self-Service Program that would help them:

  • Improve self-service experience
  • Build customers’ knowledge of Company’s products
  • Promote Customer Success
  • Reduce call wait time below 10 minutes
  • Reduce overall support costs

With ServiceTarget, the Company was able to create a successful self-service program, spanning 2 websites and mobile app.

Consumers are now able to resolve most questions and common transactions on their own including installation, programming, pairing and troubleshooting. They are directed for assistance to the right support agent via most appropriate channel and in some instances, escalations are handled without an agent entirely when auto warranty order is placed on behalf of the consumer.

The Results

This self-service first approach with focus on eliminating recurring preventable contacts allowed the Company to free up agent staff to provide higher service levels to the customers with more challenging issues.

Specifically, the Company has achieved great results in a short space of time. In the first month after implementing self-service program overall contact volume across phone, chat, and email reduced by 28%, while wait times improved by up to 60%.

28% reduction in support contacts across phone, chat & email in first month (YOY)

32% improvement in ASA for phone

3% improvement in SLA for phone

60% improvement in ASA for chat

3.6% improvement in SLA for chat

26% improvement in ASA for email

5.8% improvement in SLA for email

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